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Will the Smartphone Replace Console Gaming?

As mobile gaming continues to grow, many wonder whether or not handhelds will start replacing consoles as the preferred means of engaging in video game activities. After all, even the AAA companies like Activision and Electronic Arts have begun to dabble in mobile devices, indicating that the market is healthy and has profit potential. Even websites like can be played over mobile devices.

The paradox of mobile gaming

Compared to high-spec desktop computers and modern consoles, mobile devices can’t keep up with computing performance and visual fidelity. But despite the disadvantages in hardware, they remain high-selling products. And the reason for this is that they offer a bevvy of features and functions much like miniature computers and can be used for various purposes, including gaming.

More importantly, they cost less than consoles. This balance between accessibility and convenience has given smartphones universal appeal. It’s also why most people today have at least one mobile device. It may also be the reason why experts predict the market to grow to nearly a hundred and forty billion by 2026.

Wide selection of games


Whether you’re an Android user or own an iPhone, you’re bound to have a broad selection of games from both indies and established game developers. There’s also a plethora of genres that will fit every player, no matter the age or personal preference. Even those who prefer competitive multiplayer titles have many options to choose from.

Will it replace consoles?

Even with all the advancements in mobile technology and the increasing sales of smartphones, it’s highly unlikely that it’ll replace consoles. It’s a fact that’s indisputable. You must consider the target markets and remember that they’re primarily defined by all the experiences they’re trying to sell. One example is car manufacturers—they generally don’t gear their products to average buyers.

Mobile games they’re aimed toward the casual player, the people who wish to get the best value out of their smartphone purchase. Conversely, console gaming is geared more towards buyers looking for the best experience that the market can offer: excellent storylines, gameplay, and graphics. In other words, it’s a classic battle between those who are after convenience and those who prefer quality, and console games cater more to the latter.

What’s in store for its future?

While mobile gaming won’t be beating its console counterpart, both are following the same direction. Video games are likely to adopt new technologies like virtual or augmented reality, even for smartphones. In addition, several peripherals are available for gamers to engage in more immersive video games on their mobile devices.

Esports is another aspect that mobile gaming has begun to get into. No longer is it limited to PCs and consoles—now, smartphone users can participate in tournaments using their devices.


Mobile gaming has had a significant impact on the video game industry. However, it’s still in its infancy, and contrary to what some might think, there’s little chance of replacing consoles. However, it’s more accepted by the gaming community than people give it credit for, and it’s likely to be a permanent fixture in gaming in years to come.


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